Solutes to be Removed from the Plasma
  • Hemofiltration is better at removing middle molecules
  • Hemodialysis better at removing small molecules
Patient`s Cardiovascular and Neurological Status
  • CRRT causes less rapid fluid shifts and is the preferred option if there is any degree of cardiovascular instability
  • CRRT may be associated with better cerebral perfusion in patients with an acute brain injury or fulminant hepatic failure
Availability of Resources
  • CRRT is more labour intensive and more expensive than IHD
  • Availability of equipment may dictate the form of RRT.
Clinician`s Experience
  • It is wise to use a form of RRT that is familiar to all the staff involved
Other Specific Clinical Considerations
  • Convective modes of RRT may be beneficial if the patient has septic shock
  • CRRT can aid feeding regimes by improving fluid management