Should be dosed based upon ideal body weight (IBW)
Should be dosed based upon ideal body weight (IBW)
Induction of Anaesthesia
  • Induction dose generally 1-3mg/kg
  • Wide variations due to age (1–5 mg/kg):
    • Children require much higher doses than the elderly
    • Affected by exposure to alcohol and other sedative drugs of abuse
Maintenance of Anaesthesia

Typical effector site concentration:

  • Unpremedicated patients:
    • 4-8 μg /ml
    • Initial target of 5–6 μg /ml
  • Premedicated patient:
    • 3–4 μg /ml may be more appropriate
  • Used with remifentanil TCI:
    • Targets as low as 2–3 μg /ml may be used
Procedural sedation
  • Boluses of 10–20 mg
  • Titrate to effect
Sedation of ventilated patients on ICU
  • Up to 4 mg/kg/h
  • Titrate to desired level of sedation
Anti-emesis (in low doses)
Management of Status Epilepticus