Renal Indications

Emergency Indications

  • Metabolic
    • ↑ K+ (>6.5 mmol/L)
    • ↑ urea (>40 mmol/L)
    • Uraemia with symptoms:
      • Pericarditis
      • Encephalopathy
  • Refractory pulmonary oedema
  • Metabolic Acidaemia due to renal failure (pH<7.15)
  • Oligo-anuria(<200ml/24 hours)

Non-Emergency Indications

  • Acheivement of homeostasis in AKI unresponsive to conservative management
    • Acid-base balance
    • Solutes
    • Fluid
Non-Renal Indications
  • Removal of dialysable toxins
  • Removal of contrast agent (Less relevant with newer contrast agents)
  • Clearance of cytokines to decrease severity of sepsis (controversial)
  • Control of body temperature (an extracorporeal circuit can help control hypo or hyperthermia which is resistant to other methods of control)
  • Control of otherwise uncontrollable electrolytes:
    • ↑ Ca+ refractory to pamidronate
    • Sodium abnormalities resistant to treatment